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4J Studios Halloween 2015 Map

This is a Halloween Map by 4J Studios. It was originally made for the Console Edition. Now available for MCPE! Creators 4JStudios, Website, Twitter, MC Gamepedia, YouTube Ported by: StealthyExpert, Twitter Account Trailer of this Map Downloads: Download .McWorld Download .ZIP FILE @MCPlusWEBMINECRAFT-PLUS.COM Owner. Follow the Offical MC-Plus Twitter Account for Updates & Informations: 


Jet Set Radio Future Skin Pack

Jet set Radio Future Skin Pack v1.0 Play with your favorite rudies and be the best over wheels! Available Characters: -Beat -Gum -Corn -Yoyo -Gum -Garam DOWNLOAD LINK: Mediafire (.mcpack file) VactricaKing 


Statues Pack (Costum Heads)

This is a resource pack for the latest beta of Minecraft which replaces the heads and skulls in-game with statues. All statues are of iconic Minecraft mobs (or legends) such as Steve and Herobrine. It’s definitely a new way of decorating your builds but it could also be quite useful for adventure and/or horror maps. Creator: HemaMetwaaly, Twitter Account There are four different statues in-game and they include the following characters. All except Herobrine are mobs/characters which is proven to exist in Minecraft. Steve – Creeper Head Zombie – Zombie Head Herobrine – Skeleton Skull Zombie Pigman – Wither Skeleton Skull Installation Download Resource .McPack Activate the pack for a world in-game You can get a .ZIP file for this… Read more »


Decoration Addon

This is a resource pack which completely changes the design and model for four of the blocks in-game. It appears to be a new feature (or possibly bug) in the latest beta which allows this modification. The new blocks are furniture and electronics. For example, some of the included things are a TV screen and a fridge. Creator: HemaMetwaaly, Twitter Account How does it work? Four of the skulls and heads in-game have been replaced by modern furniture. It’s really useful if you want a more variety of blocks for decorating your buildings. TV – Creeper Skull Laptop – Zombie Head Chair – Skeleton Skull Fridge – Wither Skeleton Skull Skulls and heads are wearable blocks. This means that you… Read more »


Christmas Heads Pack

This is a resource pack which replaces all of the skulls and heads in-game with Santa hats. There are four different colors to choose from and they include everything from the classic red color to green which is useful if you want something more elf-like. Make sure to apply it to a world in case you want all players to see the changes and not just yourself. Creator: HemaMetwaaly, Twitter Account There included colors are red, green, yellow and purple. Search for “skull” or “head” in the inventory to find them. To wear one simply add it to your helmet inventory slot. Installation Important: This resource pack requires the 1.2.6 beta. Download Resource .McPack Open Minecraft Settings > Global Resources… Read more »


Yellow Steve Addon

Yellow Steve is a magical myth in mcpe just like his brothers green,red,and blue Steve.This addon replaces the wither skeleton with yellow steve.He is extremely powerful.He has 1000 health,Wields an enchanted golden sword,Can also teleport,and kills everything.He is also faster than the player so you cant outrun him. Creator: McpeTPX, Twitter Account, YT Channel Pictures of yellow steve: Trailers about the yellow steve addon make sure to check out the trailer from @minepixelnews & @mcpetpxyt (the creator of this addon). Trailer from @MinePixelNews Trailer from @McpeTPXYT Install Guide Use a file extracting program to extract the downloaded zip file.Recommended: ES File Explorer (Android),iExplorer (iOS), 7-Zip (Windows 10 Edition) Copy the UHM Add-on folder and paste it here: /games/com.mojang/behavior_packs/ Copy the… Read more »


Energy Shaders v3.3.0 (Updated!)

Energy Shader is another premium recipient. Clouds are reflected in the water, and the shadows of the blocks are beautiful. The color of the color is more realistic, and the color of the water is reflected in the reflection. Also, when you enter the water, your vision is shaking like a real thing. Creator: Pro Coder, Twitter Account Pictures from the 3.3.0 Update: Changelog (v3.3.0): what’s new? new sun new moon (still a bit buggy, going to be fixed in the next version) 3d effect take sure, that ESPE is over every other texturepack Download Links: note: this version works only for mobile devices! Download Shader .McPack Download Shader .ZIP FILE @MCPlusWEBMINECRAFT-PLUS.COM Owner. Follow the Offical MC-Plus Twitter Account for… Read more »


La Momie [Creation]

I’m really happy to show you an old map, old because I made this map more than a year ago with my old team , Webuild4you . This map was done for 4 french youtuber ! This is an egyptian themed adventure map with a big city, a sea, and some temples around the city.  This map was made in 3 month by: Rasta / bidou / wyleas / Hat / Oroshimau / Emma / Aiishya / jujupaonn / videoboy / lightsouls / amigotitia / ardeskoelis / Nause / Desd97 Team language craft / Cedric Team language craft / Defroi / Lucaspal / Skylines / Happycraft / Robin moddeur / kevin68 moddeur / kaillens cheerleader / Wok2B  Ported by: StealthyExpertX,… Read more »


A Giant World (16:1)

Hello everyone dakonblackrose with a new modded map showcase/post for minecraft plus site. this is a MODDED Map how it works is soo cool you will love this mod if you make maps also download the map for xbox, ps3, and pc down below enjoy bros and check out byyyeeee……. Creator: RexRaptor, Planetminecraft project Ported by: Dakonblackrose, YT Channel Map Review Download This Map for Minecraft Bedrock Engine (PE), PS4/PS3/Vita, Xbox One/Xbox360,Wii U Download This Map for MC Java Edition! dakonblackrose 

The Grid

SG The Grid [Parkour]

Are you ready for some parkour? Well, I sure hope so because here’s a map which includes a total of 100 levels. All levels are beautifully designed and includes unique and fun way to complete them. If you enjoy parkour then you’ll definitely find this map both enjoyable and challenging! Besides the parkour you’re also challenged to find 100 of Chicky’s Eggs to get a massive prize. That, assuming you enable the challenge in the map’s lobby. If you succeed in this quest then make sure to tweet a picture of the eggs in your inventory to @MCPEtraswen. Installation Download .McWorld Download .ZIP SkyGames 


Halloween’s Adventure [Adventure]

Halloween is closing in and the people of a village have prepared for this festivity for months. Rumours have passed through the village that an evil witch has set some plans in motion which might ruin it all. Now it’s up to you to stop this evil witch and save Halloween once and for all. But you’ve got to be careful because the witch has set up many traps along the way and some of them can cost your life. Creator: EnchantedHero, Twitter Account This map will really get you in Halloween spirit. Not only does it provide a well thought out storyline but it is also quite well built. Just make sure to read all signs you can find… Read more »


Halloween Town [Creation]

Halloween Town is a really cool and spooky town which you must explore some time during Halloween. Here you will find many cool structures but also really scary creatures which will most likely make you not want to stay there for too long. A texture pack is included in the map and this will make most textures in the map look entirely different compared to without. Creator: ilikecutepeople (original PC map) Ported by: Spider_Mau744 If it’s not night when you spawn in the town then type the following text command (make sure cheats is turned on for the world by editing it): /time set 14000 Download .McWorld (Bedrock) Download Map .ZIP (Bedrock) Download Map (Java) @MCPlusWEBMINECRAFT-PLUS.COM Owner. Follow the Offical… Read more »


Halloween Hollow Special

Creator’s Map Description: Hey guys ! There’s a Halloween map you can download ! Helpers : Fafou1 Youtube : Cinematic : Twitter : Server : Thanks to CrankerMan for the render ! Ported by: StealthyExpert, Twitter Account Progress: 100% Complete Pictures of the Map: Download Links: Download .McWorld (Bedrock) Download Map .ZIP (Bedrock) Download Map (Java) @MCPlusWEBMINECRAFT-PLUS.COM Owner. Follow the Offical MC-Plus Twitter Account for Updates & Informations: 


SSPE Lightweight Shader

SSPE is a lightweight shader pack which is the perfect solution for anyone who have got a low-end device and haven’t been able to use any of the other shader packs. It’s a much more simple pack which still got some of the essential features (such as more realistic skies) to make Minecraft much more beautiful and faithfully realistic. Creator: RyFol, Twitter Account, Website Updated: 25 October, 2017 (read changelog) v11.4: Click the image down below to view the wavy plants animations. SSPE v13.1: Changelog v13.1: Fixed low resolution texture bug (hopefully) Lag fixed Fixed world/torch Installation IMPORTANT NOTICE: Waves not working are caused by a Minecraft bug and not the shader! It will most likely be fixed soon. This… Read more »