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Scarecow Add-on (Beta)

A scarecrow is a great option to keep out unwanted animals or monsters from specific areas. The add-on changes some of the behaviors for the armor stand to enable this new feature. One of the scarecrows is used for scaring off rabbits from your carrot plantation and another can be used for scaring off hostile monsters from your property. Creator: JoePaleto, Twitter Account Idea Credits: _GlitchMC (Twitter) How does it work? Rabbit Scarecrow: Keep your garden well protected from those carrot-eating rabbits! As soon they see it they will immediately start running away. Add the following items to the armor stand: Pumpkin Leather Tunic Leather Pants Monster Scarecrow: This is the best way to make sure none of them skeletons, zombies or zombie villagers come near your house. Add the following… Read more »


Minecraft Story Mode S2 Addon

Minecraft: Story Mode is basically a point-and-click adventure game which is based on Minecraft but with a more in-depth story. A few episodes are already out and in them we’re introduced to a whole bunch of new characters. This add-on takes most of those characters and introduces them to the Minecraft (Bedrock Edition). Creator: StarkTMA, Twitter Account Updated: 14 November, 2017 (read changelog) New Mobs Creeder (replaces Spiders): Similar to ordinary spiders in that sense that they can climb walls. However, one additional feature is their special attack which allows them to jump on top of your head and explode. They have twice as much health than a normal creeper. Large Henry and Big Hank (replaces the Wither Skeleton and Stray): These are two different mobs. Their models look… Read more »


Leash+ Addon

This add-on adds more mobs which you can leash by using the lead. By default it’s limited just passive mobs, but this is great if you want the use for lead to extent to also hostile mobs or passive mobs which previously wasn’t included. For example, it’s very useful if you are building a mob farm and need a way to move easily move mobs from one location to another without commands or similar cheats. Creator: hiccupsf How does it work?  Here is a list of all new entities which you can leash. Sheep, pigs or any other vanilla mobs are still possible to leash even though they aren’t included in the list. Armor Stand Creeper Enderman Parrot Polar Bear Skeleton Slime… Read more »


Pumpkin Maniac Addon

This addon turns two mobs in-game into a pumpkin version of themselves. Both of them are extremely hostile and their brutal powers makes them boss-like. The models are really well made and the behaviors are fun and unique. If you are looking for some new bosses in-game then this add-on won’t disappoint you! Creator: TheEnderface, Twitter Account Bosses Pumpkin Monster (Iron Golem): This is the most dangerous of the two. It’s very strong (attack damage: 10 – 20) and its special ability is its ability to super jump. As soon as you start running the Pumpkin Monster will start jumping like crazy, throw you up in the air and smash you down on the ground. Pumpkin Terror (Creeper): This mob is both extremely annoying and… Read more »


Minecon Earth Mobs Addon (Concept!)

Minecraft recently announced that they will add one new mob to the game and on November 18th (during Minecon Earth) you will be able to vote on your favorite. This add-on explores the four different possibilities. And except for some basic sketches (released by Minecraft) very little is known about the new mobs. This means that the add-on creator had very little to go on when designing these concepts. Creator: StarkTMA, Twitter Account Mobs Titan Squid: This mob replaces squids and it only spawns in water. It’s basically a mutated and much more powerful version of the squid. Due to current behavior pack limitations not much can be done to to modify its behaviors. However, one cool and unique feature is that it will cause… Read more »