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Ekza’s Terrain Overhaul [Costum Terrain]

This is a custom world terrain which took the creator (Ekza) over two months to build and in it are most of the Minecraft biomes. Everything in the map has been handcrafted and as a result most of the terrain looks very natural. There are a few downsides and those are that it’s built in a flat world and that the ocean floor is limited to 2 blocks high. You are allowed to use the world for building an adventure, creation, minigame or any other type of maps. The only thing he asks is that if you are making a video on the creation then please credit the creator (Ekza). Creator: Ekza, Twitter Account Download .McWorld (2.8 MB) Download .ZIP… Read more »


Advanced Island [Costum Terrain]

This map includes several custom terrains which include everything from a mushroom desert to a huge oak forest. It’s a great little world to explore if you want to set out on a new adventure. However, there’s one disadvantage and that’s the fact that if you go too far out you will get to a huge waterfall and everything after that is flat land. Other than that it’s pretty cool. Creator: Tyler707 Proarcher Important Notes: The world can be laggy on low-end devices You might find unusual locations for caves The map is ported to a flat world You can use this terrain for a map or a video just give the creator credits Installation Download .McWorld Download .ZIP @MCPlusWEBMINECRAFT-PLUS.COM… Read more »


APTERRA – Huge Custom Survival Map (With Download)

Creator’s Description for the Map: Hello, fellow minecrafters! I present to you my latest creation – Apterra. Apterra is a huge map designed for survival gameplay, or a server, just like a deafult minecraft map. Even though there are much more basic structures in this world, none are made of any precious material (well, maybe except for the nether quartz, which simulates marble, so you can build fancy house and do not need to go to hell for it 🙂 ) imagine a default MC structure a bit more site specific and a little bit better. building cool stuff is your job 🙂 You can choose your gamemode in-game at start (survival, adventure and creative), and then one of four… Read more »


The Recreation of the Earth! [Costum Terrain] (Updated)

This is the Earth. 1:1500 scale. It’s really huge and epic. The biggest For MCPE! Creators: lentebriesje, Ported by: StealthyExpert, Twitter Account Datas of the Continents: x2000 y100 z1000 =Africa x-5000 y100 z2000 = South America x-9000 y100 z4000 = North America x-3500 y100 z-7000 = Polar-Ice-Caps/North-Pole x9000 y100 z-4500 = Russia x12000 y100 z2000 = Australia x2000 y100 z-4500 = Europe/Uk x12500 y100 z-3500 = Japan x2500 y100 z6500 = Antarctica/South-Pole This map is massive! It’s useful for realms! Pictures: Download Links: Download .McWorld (1.6 GB!) Download .ZIP @MCPlusWEBMINECRAFT-PLUS.COM Owner. Follow the Offical MC-Plus Twitter Account for Updates & Informations: 


Glacialis [Costum Terrain]

Creator: JazzyZ401, Planetminecraft Project Ported by: StealthyExpert, Twitter Account Download Links: Download .McWorld Download .ZIP File @MCPlusWEBMINECRAFT-PLUS.COM Owner. Follow the Offical MC-Plus Twitter Account for Updates & Informations: 


Survival Delight [Costum Terrain]

This is a huge custom terrain suitable for survival gameplay or other types of adventures. It includes several different biomes with custom trees, mountains and more. There’s a huge cavern somewhere under spawn so be careful when you start digging. If you are playing the map on a low-end device then make sure to turn down the render distance. Creator: Download .McWorld


Island Biomes [Costum Terrain]

This is a custom made world which features 5 completely different islands with different biomes like desert, mesa, mushroom, plains, and an exotic biome. The world includes a large mountain and custom trees. It’s mainly that which makes it stand out compared to an ordinary seed world in Minecraft. Also, the diamonds, emeralds and gold spawn rate has been increased from 5% to 10% so you can find them more easy. It’s a really cool world to explore! Creator: I RedPenguin I Note from RedPenguin: The world is infinite but if you travel far into the ocean, you will find cut off chunks so beware of that. TheRedstoneCrafter taught me how to import PC worlds to PE. Huge Thanks to… Read more »


Volcanic World (Perfect for Adventure Maps) [CTM]

Creator’s words: I spent my last few weekends build this map. It is a simple map based on the typical nether however it has a few special features such as the Volcano in the middle. It took me quite a long time so please reward my efforts with  a simple reccomendation to a friend! I give you permission to use this map in any server/adventure maps but you must give me credit for my work. Creator:Mikeyjbax, Planet-Minecraft Page Ported by: StealthyExpert, Twitter Account Download Links: Download .McWorld Download .ZIP File @MCPlusWEBMINECRAFT-PLUS.COM Owner. Follow the Offical MC-Plus Twitter Account for Updates & Informations: 


Little Islands [Custom Terrain] Map

This map features 21 small islands scattered around the ocean in an infinite world. You can either use the map as a survival world (and yes you can earn achievements) or you can use it to build an adventure of some kind. The edges of the ocean doesn’t connect perfect with the rest of the terrain, but that’s a minor problem which could be resolved with some in-game terraforming. Creator: TeamBOB123 Survive as long as you can by exploring the islands and gathering their different resources. Some of the islands included are winter islands, a Nether Island and The End island. The map was created with WorldPainter and then ported to Pocket Edition using MCCToolChest PE. Installation Download the .McWorld… Read more »