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Wizard of Aaz [Adventure]

This is a neat little Minecraft adventure loosely based on a famous old movie. You will start out as a young farmer, riding out a thunderstorm inside your farmhouse. When the farmhouse is swept away by a tornado, the adventure begins. When the dust settles, you find yourself in a magical new land. Creator: KidSource, Twitter Account The local villagers are friendly, and the village elder is very helpful. But the only thing you want to do is get back home. With advice from the elder, you set out to find the Wizard of Aaz. The Wizard of Aaz, who lives in nearby Diamond City may be able to help you return home…but at what cost? Pictures of the Map:… Read more »


Simple Adventure

You are Breck….the bravest warrior in all of Diamond Village. Last night an angry group of mobs kidnapped the village Elder. The entire village is counting on you to save him! To complete your adventure, you will need to obtain the best armor and weapons around. That’s where the villagers can really help you! The Kidsource Simple Adventure is just that… simple! The story is easy to follow, the quests are easy to understand, and of course there is an epic boss fight at the end! The Kidsource Simple Adventure map features: Easy to follow storyline 3 custom gaming areas including Diamond Village, The Mountain Cave, and the Mob Tower A simple series of quests leading up to an epic… Read more »


Sophisticated mobs add-on

this add-on is only for pro or good prepared mcpe players it includes : more HP for player’s and mobs snowball can now cause damage to mobs (more stronger snow golem)  cursed arrows (don’t never fall may cause lightning)  zombie can ride almost any mob +new secret powerful zombie (can spawn by eggs)  gaint super fast spider gaint horse’s (with the power to jump higher than the clouds  gaint creepers (explode in a slower time but with bigger explosion)  enderman more HP more teleportation power iron golem more hp shalker can summon vex by shooting you vex (bigger,better) bottle’o enchanting (no gravity when through it or when hiting player) Ender dragon the real boss (teleport, more HP) better mobs loot,gear,equipment (specialy:wither,some strays,some… Read more »


SG Questful DEMO [Adventure]

SG Questful is a fun adventure for anyone who enjoy questing. You’ll start out in one part of these vast lands and from there you will go on a great journey to complete a series of quests. Most quests relate to obtaining specific items and then bring them to other characters in the adventure. Even though the full version is exclusively distributed to the Chinese Minecraft platform, there is still a great deal of content to be experienced in this demo. Creators: SkyGames Team (Twitter) (Website): MCPEtraswen (Owner), Cheete (Manager), jobetyk (Main Builder), FogzGamez (Builder), McMCPE1234 (Tester), AmazingGamerPH (Renderer) How to play? You can accept new quests by walking into the armor stand characters. For example, one of the first… Read more »


Batty and the Killing Machine – Chapter 1 (Update 2)

Batty and the Killing Machine is a fangame based on the popular game called Bendy and the Ink Machine. This map is the first chapter and if everything goes as planned there will be five in chapters in total. You (STEVE) were invited to return to jeffrey’s studio and check out what jeffrey did to the machine to the past 30 years. But you find out that the workshop is still inky, and have lights turned on so you decide to find all the 3 items and activate the machine to get out of here… Creator: CreeperGamerZXZ, Twitter Account, YouTube Channel Trailer Installation Important: Make sure the resource pack is enabled before playing! Download .McWorld V2 (Recommended) Download .McWorld V1… Read more »


aVIRa: Cyber Adventure

You are ready to be part of a experimental virtual simulation? aVIRa is one of my masterpieces i worked more than 6 months. The map have a visual appeal around cybernetic systems and computer mechanisms. You have lots of challenges like puzzles, parkour, elytra sessions and PvP quests to face during the adventure.   The map story is about a programmer has sent to a mysterious machine located inside a lost temple on Amazonas, created by unknown life forms. Everytime, the simulation A.I’s (artificial inteligences) will guide and persue you to make some tasks for “help the system” and suppose save him from some “corrupted virus file” who try make trouble during your journey.  Download .zip: Download .mcworld: LucasMegaStriker 


Halloween’s Adventure [Adventure]

Halloween is closing in and the people of a village have prepared for this festivity for months. Rumours have passed through the village that an evil witch has set some plans in motion which might ruin it all. Now it’s up to you to stop this evil witch and save Halloween once and for all. But you’ve got to be careful because the witch has set up many traps along the way and some of them can cost your life. Creator: EnchantedHero, Twitter Account This map will really get you in Halloween spirit. Not only does it provide a well thought out storyline but it is also quite well built. Just make sure to read all signs you can find… Read more »


The Mutant Slayer (Modded Map!) [Adventure]

Scientists help our world move forward but sometimes their experiments involve chemicals which nobody should have touched – not even them. Things quickly turned ugly and since you are known as The Mob Slayer they immediately called and required your assistance. Do you have what it takes to save the city (and maybe even the entire world) from a massive invasion of mutant creatures? Creators: Jujustyle7, (Twitter), Matheus Silva (Twitter) Story You are a known mob slayer in the Minecraftian universe. One day you got a call from some scientists who said they were looking for a test subject they can use their new invention on. It’s a chemical liquid called Chemical X. You accepted the quest and have been… Read more »


The Forgotten Ruins [Adventure]

A short adventure map which takes usage of Redstone. After sailing the sea for many years you eventually find The Forgotten Ruins. The goal you have long reached for is to retrieve the long and lost object. Do you dare continuing this risky and dangerous journey? Download Links: Download .McWorld Download .ZIP File @MCPlusWEBMINECRAFT-PLUS.COM Owner. Follow the Offical MC-Plus Twitter Account for Updates & Informations: 


Evasion [Adventure] [Puzzle]

Evasion is an adventure puzzle map which takes place in a maximum security prison. You were sent there after you got a little overconfident and decided to rob the National Bank of Minecraft. The objective at hand is to solve puzzles and make trades with other inmates to one day be able to escape the prison and reunite with your old gang on the outside. It’s definitely a fun experience and it’s supposedly based off a popular game called  Installation Download .McWorld Download .ZIP Convict / Prisoner Skin .PNG @MCPlusWEBMINECRAFT-PLUS.COM Owner. Follow the Offical MC-Plus Twitter Account for Updates & Informations: 


Castle Adventure [Adventure]

Recently an evil villager decided to overthrow your kingdom and proclaim himself as king. This obviously comes as bitter news and it’s up to you to take back what was once yours and reinstate yourself as king. It’s a fun map where you need to search for clues to find the tools you’ll need to save the kingdom. Creator: MattH44 Storyline You’ve long ruled your kingdom but recently someone overthrew you! He is an evil man and your people is now being ruled by a complete maniac. You need to find a way to destroy him and take back your lost kingdom. To do this you’ll need a couple of different tools.. Rules Play in easy Survival mode Max 10… Read more »


Tale of Steve [Adventure]

This map is the sequel to The Tale of Steve: Escape. In the last map you had to escape prison but once back out on the streets it doesn’t take long before you find yourself as a part of a crime family. Life as a criminal is a hard one and today you will be tasked with the objective to rob a bank. This map combines add-ons, custom textures and command blocks to create a fun and exciting adventure. Creator: umerkk164, Twitter Account Storyline You’ve escaped prison and now joined a crime family. The mafia is looking for three mighty diamonds which are found somewhere in the city. One of the diamonds is inside the State Bank and you’ve been… Read more »


Auxiliary [Adventure]

Auxiliary is the long away sequel to Genisys which by the way is another highly recommended map to those of you who haven’t played it already. The story picks up where it was last left off and takes you on a new adventure where you attempt to escape the genius mind of an artificial super intelligence called IRIS. StoryLine You’ve escaped from IRIS – at least you thought so until very recently. IRIS looks to has captured you again and this time you will be sent through another set of twisted experiments. But this time you remember IRIS and you immediately attempt to escape. Rules Don’t break anything Play on peaceful Make sure that the gamemode is set to survival… Read more »