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The Darkened Addon

The Darkened Addon turns most of the dimensions in Minecraft into more dangerous and hellish environments. The Overworld looks much darker than ever before and there is a complete set of new mobs roaming the earth. Most of the hostile mobs have had their behaviors, textures, sounds and models changed to simply create a more gloomy and apocalyptic like world. Creator: AlexFirey What have been changed? The main differences you will notice are the textures, sounds and some of the mob models. All of them are simply more dangerous. I’ve included a full list of changes further down on this page. All of the changed mobs go under new names too but one thing that isn’t much different is the… Read more »

Pinguins Add-on

•••Feature••• Pinguin addon is cute pinguin addon that can be seen in mcpe. You can see pinguins by spawning iron golem. They loves fish and hate player. It’s very small. Be careful for not to step on. Installation 1. Download .McAddon 2. Open in MCPE 3. activate it in a world

Sonic the Hedgehog [Parkour]

Sonic the Hedgehog is a speed-based platform game. This is a parkour map for Minecraft Pocket Edition which uses a similar type of level design and it also uses command blocks to give the players different effects such as speed and jump boosts. It’s a pretty fun map to play, and especially if you got some friends which you can compete against. Creator: FVDisco (original PC map) Ported by: Xjarrod21, MinecraftMan132, Raja Azril Updated: 20 April, 2017 (added command blocks) How to play? Make sure to let all players join before starting the game. There’s no countdown built in so you’ll need to do that part yourselves. It’s important that you always step on the pressure plates since they’ll enable/disable… Read more »

Mine Wars Texture Pack [16×16]

Mine Wars is a Star Wars, spaceship and futuristic inspired texture pack. Immediately after you’ve installed the textures and launched the game the start screen will make you feel as you were warped into the future. Items such as swords and pickaxes appears instead as lightsabers. Even the mobs have been remodelled to make them look like evil stormtroopers and creepy jawas. Creator: yokoolio (original PC pack) Ported by: D4nielaMC, Trainfan123 Updated: 20 July, 2017 (added support for 1.0, fixed grass blocks) Installation 1. Download Resource .McPack 2. Open Minecraft PE 3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate pack You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

Futuretroplis [Futuristic City)

Futuretroplis is a small, futuristic city situated on the coastline of a plains biome. It’s a magnificent build with amazing views and most parts of the city are made out of huge skyscrapers which reach far beyond the clouds. There are definitely some improvements which could be made. For example, most of the structures are hollow with no interiors. But other than that it’s really something amazing worth exploring. Creator: tpar60 Download .McWorld Download .ZIP

-2041696679: Underwater Stronghold & Ocean Monument

This seed is the first one I’ve come across which have for unknown reasons generated a stronghold underwater. Another cool feature of the seed is that the stronghold is located just next to an ocean monument. The chance for this happening is obviously extremely small and that makes it a very unique and rare seed. How to find the underwater structures? When creating the world make sure to enable cheats since this is necessary for navigating in the world. Type the following text command once you’ve spawned to get the coordinates for the stronghold and ocean monument: /locate stronghold. Then type the following command to teleport to the location: /tp @a -912 32 -1216 You will spawn on the bottom… Read more »

OneKlickLP Skin

English Description: Here you can download the original OneklickLP”Creeper with a Knight armor” Skin for Minecraft PE! Deutsche Beschreibung: Hier kannst du den originalen OneklickLP”Creeper mit einer Ritter Rüstung” Skin für Minecraft PE herunterladen! Download Skin

Cool Super Man Skin

Cool Superman Skin for MCPE. How to install? 1. Click Download 2. Save it in Photos 3. Chose the Skin ingame in MCPE Download Skin

Paper Cut-Out Texture Pack [16×16]

You might know how paper cut-out models look like? Imagine that but in Minecraft. The idea is rather unique and the outcome is absolutely amazing. It’s a simple and clean texture pack. The colors are soft and everything look very well put together. Creator: superalgae (original PC pack) Ported by: Dash Droide SamDaLlama Downloads Download .McPack Download .ZIP For MCPE 1.1 Download .McPack Download .ZIP

Jurassic Park (Sneak Peak) [Creation]

Have you ever wanted to travel to Isla Nublar? For those who don’t know, Isla Nublar is the fictional island which is the primary setting in the Jurassic Park and the Jurassic World movies. This map is a sneak peak for something much greater to come. It features the Visitor Center and a huge forest area. In the future you’ll be able to explore it in more detail and also come face to face with the amazing dinosaurs who live on the island. Creator: RylandPlayzYT Download .McWorld Download .ZIP

Controllable Flying House [Redstone]

The flying house is the ultimate solution for anyone who like owning a house but at the same time enjoy to move around and don’t be stuck to just one place. It’s also a very safe way of living since you can literally park your house in the sky and never have to worry about monsters intruding (at least not in the Overworld where there are no flying monsters). Creator: Jhomes Twitter: DerpyJhomes How does it work? It looks like an ordinary house but it really isn’t. It’s a fairly small house house with just one entrance on the font. Inside you will find things such as chests. However, the most noticeable features of the house are the 6 different… Read more »