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Spanish Galleon

This is a spanish galleon ship. It was created by for PC Version. The galleon was powered enterily by wind, using sails carried on three or four masts, with a lateen sail continuing to be used on the last (usually third and fourth) masts. They were used in both military and trade applications, most famously in the Spanish treasure fleet, and the Manila Galleons Made by: Jswizzy84 Ported by: thewolfeleven Download .McWorld

Star Wars Add-on

The Star Wars Add-on adds three droids (with custom sounds), a Jedi robe, lightsabers and a couple of other items to Minecraft Pocket Edition. R2-D2 and BB-8 are two of the droids which you will be able to tame and keep as loyal companions on your next adventures. But be careful. There are evil droids out there which have been programmed to kill you and your droid friends. This add-on is a must-play for anyone who like the Star Wars movies! Creator: Gona Droids R2-D2 (replaces spider) is a small astromech droid with a few different utilities. Its main and most effective ability is to protect its owner from aggressors by shooting lasers at them. It also has a storage… Read more »

John Smith Legacy [32×32]

John Smith Legacy is one of the oldest texture packs for Minecraft PC (and now ported to Pocket Edition). It’s a medieval styled texture pack which work nicely for terrain and structures which you want to give a more rustic and weather-beaten look. If you like really detailed packs then this one will most likely be a perfect choice for you. Creator: Glowstrontium Ported by: ZephaniahNoah Downloads 1.0.x (Latest) Download .McPack Download .ZIP 1.1.0.x (Beta) Download .McPack Download .ZIP

A human wearing a train conductor uniform. By: Turtlax Download Skin

Backpack Boy

Boy wearing a checkered shirt, hoodie jacket and a backpack. By: xBrookex Download Skin

Neo Skin

Neo is the main character in the Matrix movies. By Cipher_Punk Download Skin

1628823125: Epic Jungle Cliffs

Here is a seed which will spawn you just 100-150 blocks away from a large jungle biome. A bit further into the jungle there are lots of epic cliffs and mountain overhangs. It’s a really difficult type of terrain to pass through but that is what makes it an interesting seed. Found by: Kosie24 How to find the jungle cliffs? Turn around once you’ve spawned and cross over the river and then go straight through the spruce forest until you get to the jungle. You can also use the following text command to teleport there instantly: /teleport 434 114 -41 Continue straight ahead and you should get there soon enough. After a while you will notice a lot of mountains…. Read more »

2360843: Super Flat Spawn

This seed will spawn you in one of the flattest seeds I have ever come across in Pocket Edition. It’s really useful in case you want to build something but don’t want to spend time terraforming the environment. There are lots of forests in the surrounding areas which should provide enough resources in case you want to build something in survival mode. Found by: NerdyGuy87 This is what the spawn looks like. Sure, there are a few hills further ahead of spawn but there is a lot of flat space too. If you walk straight ahead of spawn for 100-150 blocks then you will come to a village which includes four farms and a couple of houses. Seed: 2360843

-111411759: Dungeon in Stronghold

This is the first seed that I’ve ever come across which includes a dungeon inside a stronghold. It takes quite a bit of travel to get there but it’s totally worth it. The dungeon includes two chests and a skeleton spawner. To get to the end portal room you first need to get past that obstacle. It definitely makes for some fun gameplay. Found by: Damasen The spawn is in a plains biome which is situated in the center between a savannah biome and a desert biome. Turn to your right and walk straight into the desert. Continue on that path for at least 200 blocks. As you continue straight ahead you should soon leave the desert biome and enter… Read more »

-560637684: Savannah Island

This seed spawns you on a small island out in the ocean. But the main thing which I find interesting is the somewhat larger neighbouring island. It’s actually the first survival island (at least which I’ve come across) which consists only of a savannah biome. Found by: Minecraft PE Seed Picker / BossGamerTv5 Turn around as soon as you’ve spawned and fly diagonally to your left for 100-200 blocks and you’ll soon reach the savannah island. It’s really an amazing place which I’ve never seen anything like before in Minecraft. It’s the first savannah island I’ve actually come across. (At least one which has been naturally generated by the Minecraft seed generator.) There are approximately 15 trees on the island… Read more »

2072006993: Far Away Woodland Mansion

The Woodland Mansion is an extremely rare structure which spawns in roofed oak forests. The mansion consists of usually 2-3 floors and there are lots of different rooms (and some of them are even hidden from the naked eye). Keep in mind that the seed is limited to version 1.1.0 (or higher)! Found by: StarkTMA How to get to the mansion? It is going to take a while to get there, but I’ve included a text guide with images to help you out. And there is also a video in the bottom of the post (by StarkTMA) which showcases the seed. As soon as you’ve spawned turn around and walk to your left across the savannah biome as seen in… Read more »

Nightmare Difficulty Mobs [Command Creations]

This is a command block map which gives several of the mobs in-game some new abilities which will greatly increase their difficulty. It’s a really cool and unique map which explores some of the new possibilities with command blocks for mobs specifically. The map provides a great source of inspiration which you can use for building adventure maps and alike. Creator: Rayzuto How does it work? Make sure to turn on the machine by pressing one of the buttons on one of the walls of the machine. If you are experiencing a lot of lag at any point while using the machine then you can press the OFF button to kill all processes. Once you’ve turned on the machine and… Read more »