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Jet Set Radio Future Resource Pack

Jet Set Radio Future Resource Pack v0.3b Six ways to enjoy it! Play as: -Beat -Gum -Corn -Yoyo -Cube -Garam Change mode in “Resolution” button (renamed as “Select Character”) Use the Spray Can for make beautyful masterpieces… or graffitis around the world, and use the Stamina Recovery for recover hearts All the JSRF game music is here! listen and move it!! The End saves the “Grace & Glory” sound, EPIC! USE THIS SKIN PACK FOR COMPLEMENT: Post of Skin Pack RESOURCE PACK DOWNLOAD LINK (.MCPACK): Mediafire (.mcpack file) with music or Mediafire (.mcpack file) without music VactricaKing 


Betternilla v1.0

Betternilla – Better Vanilla Resource Pack v1.0 by VactricaKing Better water transparency and sounds Better Shulkers (Mobs and Boxes, except purple color) Better doors sounds in general Better Nether Brick Block and Sugar Cane Better caves (with sounds) Better rain sounds Better sound calibration Better clouds rendering And more… coming soon. Before: After: Download link: Mediafire (.mcpack file) VactricaKing 


Jet Set Radio Future Skin Pack

Jet set Radio Future Skin Pack v1.0 Play with your favorite rudies and be the best over wheels! Available Characters: -Beat -Gum -Corn -Yoyo -Gum -Garam DOWNLOAD LINK: Mediafire (.mcpack file) VactricaKing 


Digimon Adventure tri. Skin Pack

Digimon Adventure tri. Skin Pack v.1.0 Added Characters: Taichi Yagami (Tal Kamiya Yamato Ishida (Matt Ishida) Sora Takenouchi Mimi Tachikawa Joe Kido (Jyou Kido) Izumi Koushiro (Izzy Izumi) Hikari Yagami (Kari Kamiya) Takeru Takaishi (T.K. Takaishi) Meiko Mochizuki  Download Links:  Download Pack VactricaKing