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  • PatriotVille and Freedom Country City - Now available for Bedrock Engine


The App

MCPE+ is a brand new Minecraft Pocket Edition website/WebApp. In the App/at the mcpeplus website you will find all sorts of content for MCPE including Seeds, Maps, Addons, Skins, Shaders Textures, Server Lists, Realms, Tutorials, Build Tutorials, Tips and tricks, Videos, Update news and more! Our mission is simple: bring quality controlled content to the MCPE community. Other sites out there do not approve all posts, so a lot of the posts that go on the sites may be spam posts, misleading posts, or stolen posts. The staff here at MCPE Plus will be dedicated to checking over every post submitted to the site, making sure all of the posts are authentic from the original creator. We want to keep the site clean and simple, and this is one easy way to do it. Everything you see on this site has been approved by staff of the site, so you can be assured the best quality content from MCPE+. Enjoy!

App Features
You can download with MCPE+ Maps, Addons, TexturePacks, Shaders. We also post daily Articles, Tutorials about MCPE. You do not need update the App for new MCPE Articles/Suff. It is a WebApp, that makes possible to receive new stuff without updating the app! is that not awesome!? You will informed about new MCPE Articles/Stuff with the upcoming Push Notifications feature! The App loads really fast, because its using Native Technologie! That means, the design of the App is standard implemented, not from a website. The best thing about this cool App: it is free! This Application is not affiliated with Mojang AB or Microsoft. If you have questions, contact us via mail: app@minecraft-plus.com or Twitter: https://www.Twitter.com/MCPEPlusSupport. Follow us on Twitter for news or MCPE Stuff about our App: https://Twitter.com/MCPEPlus

Click here to read our documentation for installing Maps, Addons, TexturePacks!

I Can Not install the addon 

  1. Remove previous version of the Add-On. One way is to use the DeletePack Unlocker featured in this app for iOS users.
  2. Force close the Minecraft app.
  3. Install new version of the Add-On.

I would like to list my Stuff in this app.

Thank you very much! Please send us the addon as a compressed zip file to Submission@minecraft-plus.com. If you have a webpage and/or ads link for the addon, please tell us on the email as well. We will test the addon and get back to you within few days.

I have a question/suggestion.

Please contatct us at submission@minecraft-plus.com if you have any questions or suggestions.


This app is not an official minecraft product. It is not approved by or associated with Mojang

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