Minecraft China is looking for some Content Creators

(Last Updated On: November 5, 2017)

Hello everyone,

This is NetEase Games Minecraft China team and we want to build a connection with you guys. We believe that some of you have been contacted before, but for those didn’t know, here is the old news:

Here is MC China website: mc.163.com

We are glad to tell you that minecraft-plus has become one of MC China’s partners, we believe we can work well together and make contributions to the community.

About the MC China games:
Basically, there will be independent MC games for both PC and PE versions in China, the game itself is free.
There will be marketplaces for both PC and PE versions, but till the marketplaces come out all contents will be free to download and play.
MC China team is looking for quality PC and PE contents to put on both PC and PE launchers.
Any kind of MC related contents are welcome, including mods, addons, maps, textures and plugins etc.
If you are interested in our project, you can contact us by this emailĀ [email protected] or send a message to twitter @Pearlfisher2

Wish you all the best!

Some screenshots:

Official MC China Account. Follow us for Updates & Informations: minecraft-plus.com/members/MCChinaTeam


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